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Updated October 19, 2001
Site Title
AAA Christian Mp3's Half dozen, Mostly banners, some links work, some don't.   Last updated  May 22, 2000 
Audio Treasure From World English Bible.  scripture in mp3 format
backdoor mp3's One of my favorites, down at the moment, worth it to keep checking back for updates..
Battle of the Bands FTP should be up and working now.
Beth's Page Couple of songs
Christian MP3 Christian CD 3 selections rotated aprox every week.  Pop - Alt/Rock - Hard Rock
Christian MP3's In Spanish Four Bands with a pair of songs each 
Christian MP3 Club Yahoo Message Board  New Site, 200 songs, need to register 1st
Christian MP3 Ring 59 sites last time I looked
Christian MP3 Web Ex 33ad site, not all links work.
Christian MP3 Zone Stinky Kitchen, Torrent, Jesshiah. Vilandre 
Christian Punk & Ska Ring 78 sites listed when I checked
Christian Souljah Site not Netscape friendly, Need to join, to access songs.
Clutz12's Christian MP3's Pair of songs by DC Talk
Crush Digital Recordings Large listing of indie and mainstream artists.
Daniel's Music Website Five links listed, some work.
MP3's For My Lord Looks like email and icq are  ways to transfer here
Ultimate Christian MP3 Index #2 Old site, last update - March 5, 1999

Christian Artist Sites
(thinking this should be another page) You think? Email
All Creation Sings (1) - Husband and wife Jim and Marianne Molinaro, together with Sandi Molinaro. 
Anthony, Michael (4) - A gifted new artist with a signature new sound expands the boundries of the christian sound with this soulful effort. 
ApologetiX (12) - Christian Weird Al Yankovic, songs incl Twins Came Out, paradoy of Beatles, Twist and Shout. 
Audience of One (6) - is a Christian band based in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Music is a unique blend of electric acoustic rock with great lyrics. 
Batchelder, Gary and Debbie (18) - Christian pop/country/rock.  Wife/husband team. He sings/writes the songs, she sings, him sane. 
Beginning To End (2) - A Musical Mystery Play" based on themes of the bible. 
Bell, Kenneth (11) - From Belfast, began writing in the early 80's, turned to Christ in 88. Music moulded by the rock & roll and folk of the sixties.
Blacktop (3)We're an emotional power rock band, and strive to reach our hurting world for Jesus Christ through our music.
Blood, Ann (7) - Christian pianist/singer/songwriter 
Brother Jim Schultz (6) - I pray that you will not only enjoy the songs but meditate on the message. God bless you. 
Campbell, db (13)My hope is that these songs will provide you with some intimate times of worship and prayer, drawing you closer to God
Choate, Amy (9) - With the love of Christ in her heart, she gently transports the soul of the listener to feelings of hope and promise.
Christian Music Project (5) - Initial project is to compose, record, & submit a collection of songs, dedicated to the 14 Stations of the Cross.
Concise (3) - Home of Concise and free e-mail, search, meta tag generator, facilities for bands and also a new music calendar.
Cone, Ian (6) - Christian Musician/Songwritter/Composer/Worship Leader with nearly 20 years of expierience in the Christian Music field.
Consumed (7) - Brother and sister vocals laced over top of a unique violin sound will leave you singing their songs all day long. 
Creamer, Matt (2) - Writing/recording for 15 years. Unique talent will be a shining star in the Christian music business in the coming years.
Deceased of Lifestraight (33)Searching 4 Christian Artists To Collaborate With Me If You Might be interested email Deceased
Disciple (1) - A deep-seated love of both Christ and electronic music, I decided to combine the two. 
DUCKiE (2) - A trio of fun, God-luvin fellas who produce Christian punk rock straight from the heart.  Together for over two years. 
Duff, Steve (4)- Solo Christian recording artist, a talent for writing songs that move  people. Christian rock, pop, and worship material.
Ekhardt, Bill (3)Associate Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church, in Fresno California; 77,000 free downloads of my MP3s!
Enamored (3) - We are a 5-piece Christian Metal/hardcore band from Florida. We've been around since early 2001.
Evans, Malcolm (19)I'm a singer/songwriter from Coventry, England.  I've been writing songs since March 2001!
Family Worship (39) - Family Worship owns copyright all the songs MP3, download n play these songs is completely free, n totally legal. 
Gift on the Altar Praise (18) - Titles include I Feel Your Strength, God Changed Me, and Your Will Be Done.
Global Tribe Worship (3) - Worship team for a church in Annapolis,MD called Chesapeake Christian City Church.
Grace Junkees (5) - Formed by Kevin Clay & AJ Sparacino in 1992, they've performed all over Texas and the surrounding states. 
Graham, Tracy (1)A second grade teacher, Tracy has toured for an entire summer with the Continental Singers all around the country.
Greaves, Tim (4) - A man in pursuit of his dream, to reach people for Christ. 
Green, Kathy (5) - Has grown up on the old time Christian praise and worship favorites but also likes performing the new ones as well. 
Gumm, Eric (4) - Comedy.  Multi-talented performer, singer, and comedian. Performed for over 2 million over the past 10 years.
Guy, Bill (11) - Solo songwriter/artist who writes and plays for Jesus Christ.  Writing/playing for 30 years. Been in several secular bands.
Hamil, Sheila (6)Christian singer/songwriter from Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, England.
Hinners, Jen (1) - Enchantingly sensitive, Jen's music mysteriously connects with the soul and leads the heart to a living hope. 
Hook, Line & Sinker (11) - Folky-kinda-poppy-kinda-rocky-kinda-alternativey, all to the Glory of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!! 
Horizon (2)Focuses on reaching young people (primarily) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and testimony.
j school (8) - Titles like Bended Knee and What God Says, tend to bear out the Christian nature of the artist. 
John, Lyle (6) - The Spirit changed the hearts of many youth during one of his early concerts and he has been a performance addict ever since. 
Johnson, Russell (5) - Travels the US, brings his music and message of hope in Christ to thousands of youth via youth conferences and concerts. 
Kirkpatrick, Rick (9) - Serves as Worship Arts Minister at the 750 member Valley Bible Church in Pleasanton, CA.
KJVman (3) - 30 years of "Contemporary" Christian music, Scripture Songs in a variety of styles. 
Lena (6) - Performing in churches throughout San Diego, teaming up with singer/songwriter Clinton Perry, she hopes to take it to the next level. 
Lessard, Briand (10) - Contemporary Christian songs are uplifting/appealing to a wide audience, including those not considered fans of CCmusic.
Lindsey&Young (4) - Lindsey provides the lead vocals, writes all the material.  Young back-up vocal, contributes own unique style of guitar. 
Los Hijos De Bethsaida (9) - Spanish/English band with a positive message, giving all the glory to our Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ.
Lynn, Dennis & Friends (18) - 15 artists are highlighted on this page.
Marope (3) - I am encouraged to enter His gates with thanksgiving at all times, irrespective of the adverse situation I have encountered.
Marshall (3) - A smooth and funky shuffle feel that incorporates a ritch blend of vocal harmonies with jazzy instrumentation. 
Messenger (15) - Spreading the word of Christ, not for the our glorification. I submit these songs to spread the word. God Bless you all!
Michael D. (6) - Unique vocals lend themselves well to pop Christian music, offering flexibility and variety to his performances. 
Millenium Praise (48) - Husband andwife, Laurie and David. A variety of musical styles in worship and love to praise God in everything we do. 
Misconception (4) - Formed Early this year (1999) and right now are practicing and planning on recording again some more yet this summer. 
Moore, Jeremy (4) - has a full sound with strings and a very nice groove that gives life to the message he brings! 
Murphy, Janet (26) - I write about my journey with the Lord - a bittersweet, but worthwhile journey. I just write about whatever affects me... 
Musson, Steph (1) - Kansas Anymore-Toto is written and sung by a 14 year old girl, Steph has an amazing amount of depth in her song writing. 
Nighthawks2000 (30)wife-husband duo from Lisbon, Maine. Music style is "progressive hawkrockfusion", a unique blend of truth
OneHeart (11) - Dedicated in sharing God's Love in Song.  From Everett, Washington congregation of the Worldwide Church of God. 
Pikes Peak MCC ()Files may be used for your personal listening and free sharing with friends, but should not be re-published or modified.
Praise and WorshipDon't know the artist(s) here, but a number of praise and worship mp3's available.
Restless (3) - From Scotland, aim is not to rest until they see God's Kingdom come. They compose their own music with a modern edge to it. 
Riley, John (23) - More that just the fluff you hear on the radio, with a spiritual message that will challenge the way you look at the world...
Robateau, Ansel (3) - Drummer/vocalist with catchy hooks and smooth vocals.  Performing since childhood with my brothers playing drums.
Rundell, Anita (4) - Currently solo - singing folk-style Christian music.98/99, Was in a band - Fade, interested in forming another duo or trio. 
Runtzell, Dennis (4) - Gospel with Jesus influenses. Swedish Christian. The bible and the Church is what makes my life go.
Scarlet Rose (7) - Christian Rock.  Formed in 1992 in Boulder Colorado. We welcome Clayton, Chandra and Carree in to the band.
Seeker (7) - Christian Rock.  Four guys performing straight-ahead rock with messages that come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Shen, Ian (4) - An independent Christian recording artist whose passion and depth is evident in and through his lyrics, voice, and music.
Singing Hayes Family (7) - Started 20 years ago with Earl and Delores Hayes and their five children, singing in churches and talent show.
Solemn Assembly (1) - Through a few band member changes, Solemn Assembly has stuck to its guns and shot down the fiery darts of the devil.
SponTAn (1) - From Germany, 3 young christian guys playing some music to praise the Lord 
Songs of Praise (19) - Music is made available for free non-profit use by churches and Christian organizations 
Soul Devotion (5)Gospel musical group consisting of three gifted solo vocalists-Wayne Howard, Dana Waller and Verna Brown.
SPIRIT 2 SPIRIT (4)We Firmly Believe In The Kingdom Of God And Humbly Submit Our Musical Efforts To The Totality Of The Masses. 
Taylor, John (8)Gifted by God, both in his singing, playing, and his way of sharing the Gospel through the stories that he tells.
The Bread Site (31)Host site for a variety of artists.
The Praise Project (6) - Diverse blend of explosive, bass-pumping praise & worship, with stunning performances from a hostof national artists. 
Thompson, Andrew (20) - had the opportunity to record 8 albums, more importantly, share the songs God has placed on his heart with 1,000's.... 
Tunes For Him (8)This site exists to make quality Worship Music available to anyone, anywhere and at anytime throughout the world.
Twist Of Faith (22)Ever-changing group of talented individuals. We also often have "guests" that will perform with us for a week or two.
Vanessa (19) - Vanessa Wigton with her husband/producer Don has become one of the most dynamic singers on the Internet today.
Vengeance, Vinnie (5) - New Zealand Christian Rock.  Internet 1 piece. Played in numerous bands in and around central New Zealand.
Voices in the Wilderness (11)We are a group of musicians from diverse Christian traditions as well as different cultural backgrounds.
Weaks, Bill (5) - Net proceeds from the songs on this album  go to preventing violence and changing our current culture of death. 
Weitala, Debra (4) - Deb's music brings you God's word through, fun and uplifting songs and arrangements.
Welsh Connection (4) - Acoustic guitars, subtle bass and keys blend with a strong vocal and harmonys to bring this message "Home To You". 
Wigtune CompanyOVER 1/3 MILLION Wigtune MP3 Downloads!!!!!!!!
Wilson, Rod (5) - Rod Wilson is a singer/guitarist/songwriter/ recording artist. He has recorded two well received albums. 
Won Heart (5) - Original Evangelical Christian Country Music with completely original style.  Husband/wife team of singer/songwriters.
Wood, T. Michael (7) - Solo artist who writes and records for the fun of it and to share his Christian beliefs.
Yirah (4) - Yirah (pronounced: yee-rawh) Greek for the fear of The Lord...Not as in terror, but as a form of respect; to look at God in Awe...

This should go with out saying......
MP3's are not designed to give anyone 'free' copies of titles they do not OWN!!!
Think of CD's and MP3's as you would albums and cassettes.  If you own a copy 
of a title, then you are entitled to keep the copy you make or pick up.  MP3's ought
to be treated as a way to introduce you to an artist's work, and if you have no intention
of purchasing your own copy of the artist's work after becoming familiar with the work
then DELETE it.  I believe the standard is 24 hours, tho I am not absolutely sure.
Heathens can do what they want, and come to think of it so can 'Christians'.
But as a Christian, if you steal from the artist, you are stealing from Christ.
You make the call.
Thanks for all the encouraging words,
Christ be with you
If you come across any broken links or found a site not listed please email me the info.
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R. I. P. ?   -   Hey!!! This isn't the section I want to see growing!!!!!!!!!!!!
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